Sleeping Pattern for babies – 2 to 12 Months

We often hear from our elders that baby grow well when they sleep well. At least I heard it from my mother. She always insist me to focus on my baby’s sleeping pattern as it is directly proportional to babies growth. Babies and grown-ups need sleep for wellbeing, but babies sleep differently from adults. Most… Continue reading Sleeping Pattern for babies – 2 to 12 Months

Interesting facts about Pregnancy you need to know

Growing a human being inside womb is an amazing thing and it develops woman inside out. From my personal experience, I would like to share few interesting facts about pregnancy and weird facts too. Morning Sickness: We often see woman complaining about morning sickness, but most of the women experience in at any time of… Continue reading Interesting facts about Pregnancy you need to know

Best Fun Activities for 6 month old baby

For last 6 months, lying beside your baby, you must have been waiting for doing more interactive physical activities with your baby. By this month, baby has grown physical and cognitive skills and is ready to explore new things by either licking or touching it. Expensive things cannot buy happiness to your baby, its you,… Continue reading Best Fun Activities for 6 month old baby

Co-sleeping with baby

Co-sleeping means when parents share bed with their babies.It is always recommend to have seperate arrangements for babies bed.As per the studies,it is proven that Co-sleeping can be dangerous for babies. Why Co-sleeping is not good for babies (0-12 months)? Co-sleeping is linked with an Increased risk of sudden unexpected death(SUDI) including sudden infant death… Continue reading Co-sleeping with baby

Advantages of breastfeeding

Considering the facts Covid -19 pandemic, no vaccination, no healthy food for growing child, the only option we left with to keep our child (< 15 months) immune with the changing environment is breastfeeding. Let’s see few more Advantages of breastfeeding to babies and mother Considering the importance of breastfeeding in our life, babies should… Continue reading Advantages of breastfeeding

Parenting-is it affecting couples bond?

Now it is been more than 4-5 days, we haven’t seen each other. Now we don’t get much time to spend with each other. Except for weekend, we don’t share food with each other. We mostly talk on phone but the call frequency has also reduced from 7-8 calls to 1-2, 5minutes each. Rarely we… Continue reading Parenting-is it affecting couples bond?

Brain development

As we are already aware that, 90% of brain development happens in early stage of child. Along with it, there will be a development in other sectors like:1.Physical Development2.Language3.Communication4.Emotions5.movement All these abilities develops at different rate. With the development in these abilities, childLearn to move, speak and think. So, it is very important to provide… Continue reading Brain development


Nowadays we often see people talk about someone else’s #upbringing. If the person is nice to them, they’ll say they are from good background, person’s parents have passed on good values, but if person is a bad mouth even if it is about telling truth, people will say, very bad human, no manners at all,… Continue reading Upbringing