Co-sleeping with baby

Co-sleeping means when parents share bed with their babies.
It is always recommend to have seperate arrangements for babies bed.
As per the studies,it is proven that Co-sleeping can be dangerous for babies.

Why Co-sleeping is not good for babies (0-12 months)?

Co-sleeping is linked with an Increased risk of sudden unexpected death(SUDI) including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleeping accidents in some cases. Most of the people are not aware of this. I am being aware of this, still chose co-sleeping with baby but for some reasons and I am sure many of them choose to have their baby in bed with them.

Reasons for Co-sleeping with baby

Most of the parents who prefer to co-sleeping with baby is mainly because they believe sharing bed/ space with baby makes them feel safer and secure.
Babies respond quickly to sudden noises even when they are sleeping and they get scared quickly and starts crying, feeling lonely. In this case, if we are sharing bed, it becomes easy to calm down quickly, as they feel safe knowing parents are around.

Other reason is the body contact. Even I also like it when my baby sleep in my arms, this is so satisfying and helps to improve child – mother bond.

For lactating mothers, it becomes easy to feed baby during night if they share same bed. Mothers can rest while feeding.

When to avoid Co-sleeping with baby?

When you are unwell or exhausted
When anyone of the parents is on drugs or consuming alcohol
When anyone from parents smokes frequently.
When your baby is not feeling well.
Sleeping with baby on couch

How to reduce risk of sudden unexpected death and fatal sleeping accident.

Make sure that for first 4-5 month, baby is sleeping on back.

Always keep bed mattress clean and tidy and it should be firm.

Make sure that your bedding do not cover babies face otherwise baby will suffocate. Keep adult blanket, pillows away from your baby. Use light weight blanket.

If you are sharing bed, make sure that baby can’t fall out of bed. If you rarely wake up during nights, consider sleeping on mattress on the floor.

Keep all accessories away from baby. Tie up your long hairs, also remove any other jewellery or anything that may lead to strangling risk.

Do not swaddle baby when you are co-sleeping.
Most of the parents like to place baby in the middle of them but this could lead to overheating so place your baby on one side of parents.

Even in case of winter/cold, do not overload babies with clothes/blanket to cover them from chilling weather. Dress your baby as you would dress.

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