Interesting facts about Pregnancy you need to know

Growing a human being inside womb is an amazing thing and it develops woman inside out. From my personal experience, I would like to share few interesting facts about pregnancy and weird facts too.

  • Morning Sickness:
15 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness | Parents

We often see woman complaining about morning sickness, but most of the women experience in at any time of day (early morning, afternoon, evening, almost any time) in first trimester. If you are experiencing morning sickness, it doesn’t mean that you are sick. In some cases, morning sickness relates to nauseous feel, discomfort, uneasiness, irritation.

  • Sweaty body all the time:
Sweating and Night Sweats in Pregnancy

You will feel hot all the time, even AC is running on 17-degree Celcius and you will be like why is so hot here? During pregnancy most women prefer to wear loose, more comfy gowns and drink as much water as you can.

  • Where is the washroom? –

  As days pass and baby grows in womb, urination frequency increases. As uterus presses bladder leading to increased urination frequency and you cannot hold it longer as we can do it now.

In my case, in third trimester, I used to walk inside house only so that I can reach washroom whenever I’ll feel like.

  • Carvings:
Pregnancy Cravings: 35 Moms Confess What Foods They Craved During Pregnancy!  | Eating for Two | 30Seconds Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman carve for different things and it can be anything from food to soil smell, to toothpaste to anything. It is a myth that pregnant woman carve for sour food items like tamarind, raw mangoes etc. In my case, not a single day, I consumed any of these out of carving.

  • Eyes open whole night:

During pregnancy, due to frequent urination, you will find yourself awake all night and also hormonal changes keeps you awake all the night.

  • Always want to do something productive:
The Benefits of an Active Pregnancy

When pregnant, you will feel so energetic and proactive that you will always feel like doing something. You will want to try new recipes, new hairstyles, want to visit new places, shopping, new hobbies, yoga and I would suggest you to always keep yourself busy that will make happier and will have positive impact on baby’s growth.

  • Loves to take long hot water bath:
Safety Tips for Taking a Bath While You're Pregnant

Due to excessive heat, you will always feel irritating and exhausted.

Sitting in bathtub or showers helps you to relaxed and fresh.

  • new outfits:
5 Tips for REGRET-FREE online shopping! - ango health - all about pregnancy

With growing body, you will not fit into any of your old clothes. Every house function, wedding, baby shower, photoshoot, visiting relatives, new places are excuses for shopping. Your body change is temporary but by the end of pregnancy, you will end up buying so many new clothes that you end up buying new closet to keep it.

  • Extra attention:

Sometimes, you don’t want to get caught but you will still get caught as you will be on radar all the time. Every time you will find someone, watching you, telling you… Hey, walk slowly, Hey, don’t bend down, don’t lift heavy things, Don’t eat this, This is not good for your baby…

  • People touching your belly:
My mother in law is 'disappointed' I didn't let her touch her grandchild -  Kidspot

When you are pregnant, you will often see stranger will find excuses to touch your belly, to feel baby inside womb.

  • Acidity and indigestion:
Acidity and heartburn in pregnancy - BabyCenter India

Due to growing fetus inside womb, most of woman face acidity, heartburn or indigestion problems. I would suggest drinking as much liquid as possible. Liquids like juices, coconut water, milkshakes, even water will be helpful in such cases.

  • Bigger boobs:

Yes, you read it correctly. During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes from the day you conceive, you will notice development in breast.

  • Stretch marks:
Stretch Marks and Pregnancy - Causes and Prevention -

Almost every woman gets stretch marks and for me it is my babies first drawing and it remains with us forever. No oil or stretch mark cream can remove it. At least in my case, it didn’t work.

  • Baby can hear you:
How To Talk To Baby In The Womb While Pregnant

By halfway, baby ears are developed and can hear everything so always talk to your baby, you will never alone. Being mother, you get extra privileged and also time with your baby. As compared to others, you are walking, talking and eating with your baby snice you concieve. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

  • Find corner to fart:
Why does pregnancy cause you to fart more? | HowStuffWorks

Embarrassing, right… but it is not your fault. Due to growing fetus size, intestine slows down. This buildups gas in pregnant woman. Drinking plenty amount of water can help with this.

  • I just hate this smell, please keep this away from me:

I still remember, I used to stay alone in room due to increase sensitivity of nose. I couldn’t bear a smell of pancakes; it was making me sick. So, I preferred to eat south Indian dished during that stage of pregnancy. It is weird to know this as most of the women carve for food, but some goes through this phase also.

I would like to hear more interesting facts about pregnancy, if you know any. Please comment in below section..

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