Interesting facts about Pregnancy you need to know

Growing a human being inside womb is an amazing thing and it develops woman inside out. From my personal experience, I would like to share few interesting facts about pregnancy and weird facts too.

  • Morning Sickness:
15 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness | Parents

We often see woman complaining about morning sickness, but most of the women experience in at any time of day (early morning, afternoon, evening, almost any time) in first trimester. If you are experiencing morning sickness, it doesn’t mean that you are sick. In some cases, morning sickness relates to nauseous feel, discomfort, uneasiness, irritation.

  • Sweaty body all the time:
Sweating and Night Sweats in Pregnancy

You will feel hot all the time, even AC is running on 17-degree Celcius and you will be like why is so hot here? During pregnancy most women prefer to wear loose, more comfy gowns and drink as much water as you can.

  • Where is the washroom? –

  As days pass and baby grows in womb, urination frequency increases. As uterus presses bladder leading to increased urination frequency and you cannot hold it longer as we can do it now.

In my case, in third trimester, I used to walk inside house only so that I can reach washroom whenever I’ll feel like.

  • Carvings:
Pregnancy Cravings: 35 Moms Confess What Foods They Craved During Pregnancy!  | Eating for Two | 30Seconds Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman carve for different things and it can be anything from food to soil smell, to toothpaste to anything. It is a myth that pregnant woman carve for sour food items like tamarind, raw mangoes etc. In my case, not a single day, I consumed any of these out of carving.

  • Eyes open whole night:

During pregnancy, due to frequent urination, you will find yourself awake all night and also hormonal changes keeps you awake all the night.

  • Always want to do something productive:
The Benefits of an Active Pregnancy

When pregnant, you will feel so energetic and proactive that you will always feel like doing something. You will want to try new recipes, new hairstyles, want to visit new places, shopping, new hobbies, yoga and I would suggest you to always keep yourself busy that will make happier and will have positive impact on baby’s growth.

  • Loves to take long hot water bath:
Safety Tips for Taking a Bath While You're Pregnant

Due to excessive heat, you will always feel irritating and exhausted.

Sitting in bathtub or showers helps you to relaxed and fresh.

  • new outfits:
5 Tips for REGRET-FREE online shopping! - ango health - all about pregnancy

With growing body, you will not fit into any of your old clothes. Every house function, wedding, baby shower, photoshoot, visiting relatives, new places are excuses for shopping. Your body change is temporary but by the end of pregnancy, you will end up buying so many new clothes that you end up buying new closet to keep it.

  • Extra attention:

Sometimes, you don’t want to get caught but you will still get caught as you will be on radar all the time. Every time you will find someone, watching you, telling you… Hey, walk slowly, Hey, don’t bend down, don’t lift heavy things, Don’t eat this, This is not good for your baby…

  • People touching your belly:
My mother in law is 'disappointed' I didn't let her touch her grandchild -  Kidspot

When you are pregnant, you will often see stranger will find excuses to touch your belly, to feel baby inside womb.

  • Acidity and indigestion:
Acidity and heartburn in pregnancy - BabyCenter India

Due to growing fetus inside womb, most of woman face acidity, heartburn or indigestion problems. I would suggest drinking as much liquid as possible. Liquids like juices, coconut water, milkshakes, even water will be helpful in such cases.

  • Bigger boobs:

Yes, you read it correctly. During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes from the day you conceive, you will notice development in breast.

  • Stretch marks:
Stretch Marks and Pregnancy - Causes and Prevention -

Almost every woman gets stretch marks and for me it is my babies first drawing and it remains with us forever. No oil or stretch mark cream can remove it. At least in my case, it didn’t work.

  • Baby can hear you:
How To Talk To Baby In The Womb While Pregnant

By halfway, baby ears are developed and can hear everything so always talk to your baby, you will never alone. Being mother, you get extra privileged and also time with your baby. As compared to others, you are walking, talking and eating with your baby snice you concieve. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

  • Find corner to fart:
Why does pregnancy cause you to fart more? | HowStuffWorks

Embarrassing, right… but it is not your fault. Due to growing fetus size, intestine slows down. This buildups gas in pregnant woman. Drinking plenty amount of water can help with this.

  • I just hate this smell, please keep this away from me:

I still remember, I used to stay alone in room due to increase sensitivity of nose. I couldn’t bear a smell of pancakes; it was making me sick. So, I preferred to eat south Indian dished during that stage of pregnancy. It is weird to know this as most of the women carve for food, but some goes through this phase also.

I would like to hear more interesting facts about pregnancy, if you know any. Please comment in below section..

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Best Fun Activities for 6 month old baby

For last 6 months, lying beside your baby, you must have been waiting for doing more interactive physical activities with your baby. By this month, baby has grown physical and cognitive skills and is ready to explore new things by either licking or touching it.

Expensive things cannot buy happiness to your baby, its you, your presence does magic.

Get engage with baby

Below are activities to turn your and babies normal boring day into a fun day:

  • Make funny faces and talk in different voices: This is like a game changer. Always keep a habit of doing something different and new. You might find it foolish, making funny faces and talking in different voices with higher, lower pitch, cat’s meow to lion’s roar…. they enjoy it a lot.
  • Dance: Hold your little one in your arms, let baby rest her/his head on your shoulders and then move your body with music. turn around in between and you will notice baby holding you tightly. Always wait for your baby to react and act accordingly. Let baby communicate to you through his/her reactions.
  • Sing: This is my favorite part. It is easy, effortless and makes me happy too. It is the best way of engaging with your baby. You do not have to be a professional singer or must play guitar or violin with it. Pick up any nursery rhyme and sing with emotions, high-low pitch. It makes them happier. As days passed, you will notice baby responding to the words.
  • Read short stories: Reading short stories becomes more effective with colorful books having big sized pictures in it. You will notice your baby rolling your eyes over pages. Turn the pages, make some noise while turning pages.
Why should I read to my baby when she can't understand the story?
  • Splash water while bathing: For me, every baby is a water baby. They just love to play with water. Make them sit in bathtub and splash some water. It must be done under supervision. Sprinkle cold, warm water on their body and let them sense it.
Splish Splash: Baby Bath Time! | Mumcentre Malaysia
  • Peek-a boo – Sometimes simple game of peek-a-boo brings them a joy. You can either use baby blanket or light weighted cloth or you can hide behind something or simply keep your hands on your face and surprise your baby with peek-a-boo. Little one gets happy when he/she gets to see you.
  • Moving toys: By this time, your baby has already started crawling to catch objects. Adding moving toys to list catches more attention. At first, baby just observes it but later moves body rapidly to catch it.
  • Balloons/Balls: Babies just love to play with Balloons,balls. baby finds continuously moving, colorful, light weighted, can be easily grab objects more attractive. Tie balloon thread to their both hands and legs and let them play alone with it. As soon as baby starts moving, balloons also start moving and it encourages them to move their hands rapidly to catch balloons.
Baby laughs at balloons tied to hands and feet - Daily Mail - YouTube
  • Exercise: Make your little one part of our daily exercise or yoga routine. Involve yourself in easy positions where you can balance your baby while working out. Lie down your baby on your legs stretched with feet towards you. Now hold your baby’s hands and pull gently towards you and put them back. Repeat it for 2-3 times for a start and then you can increase it gradually. This activity helps baby to improve muscle movement and to hold the head. Do not force your baby into activity in which he is not comfortable.
  • Massage: Who doesn’t like massages? Choose appropriate oil as per you baby’s skin or as recommended by doctor to massage. Massage helps to sooth baby, relieves stress and relaxes muscles and stimulates growth. Babies feel so relaxing that most of the time they fall asleep.
Massaging your baby - BabyCentre UK

So, after massage, sponge with warm water, feed him and then they easily fall asleep for around 2-3 hours.

  • Click pictures: Click as many pics as you can. You never know you might capture best expression in camera. After some time, you even find baby smiling or posing for the camera.

Kindly share your fun activities below in comment section.

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Co-sleeping with baby

Co-sleeping means when parents share bed with their babies.
It is always recommend to have seperate arrangements for babies bed.
As per the studies,it is proven that Co-sleeping can be dangerous for babies.

Why Co-sleeping is not good for babies (0-12 months)?

Co-sleeping is linked with an Increased risk of sudden unexpected death(SUDI) including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleeping accidents in some cases. Most of the people are not aware of this. I am being aware of this, still chose co-sleeping with baby but for some reasons and I am sure many of them choose to have their baby in bed with them.

Reasons for Co-sleeping with baby

Most of the parents who prefer to co-sleeping with baby is mainly because they believe sharing bed/ space with baby makes them feel safer and secure.
Babies respond quickly to sudden noises even when they are sleeping and they get scared quickly and starts crying, feeling lonely. In this case, if we are sharing bed, it becomes easy to calm down quickly, as they feel safe knowing parents are around.

Other reason is the body contact. Even I also like it when my baby sleep in my arms, this is so satisfying and helps to improve child – mother bond.

For lactating mothers, it becomes easy to feed baby during night if they share same bed. Mothers can rest while feeding.

When to avoid Co-sleeping with baby?

When you are unwell or exhausted
When anyone of the parents is on drugs or consuming alcohol
When anyone from parents smokes frequently.
When your baby is not feeling well.
Sleeping with baby on couch

How to reduce risk of sudden unexpected death and fatal sleeping accident.

Make sure that for first 4-5 month, baby is sleeping on back.

Always keep bed mattress clean and tidy and it should be firm.

Make sure that your bedding do not cover babies face otherwise baby will suffocate. Keep adult blanket, pillows away from your baby. Use light weight blanket.

If you are sharing bed, make sure that baby can’t fall out of bed. If you rarely wake up during nights, consider sleeping on mattress on the floor.

Keep all accessories away from baby. Tie up your long hairs, also remove any other jewellery or anything that may lead to strangling risk.

Do not swaddle baby when you are co-sleeping.
Most of the parents like to place baby in the middle of them but this could lead to overheating so place your baby on one side of parents.

Even in case of winter/cold, do not overload babies with clothes/blanket to cover them from chilling weather. Dress your baby as you would dress.

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Advantages of breastfeeding

Considering the facts Covid -19 pandemic, no vaccination, no healthy food for growing child, the only option we left with to keep our child (< 15 months) immune with the changing environment is breastfeeding.

Let’s see few more Advantages of breastfeeding to babies and mother

Considering the importance of breastfeeding in our life, babies should be feed on regular intervals for at least 18 months.
As per many studies, breastfeeding has many advantages to not only babies but to mother as well.
Breast milk is a naturally available,easily digestible by babies, a complete package of health enzymes and antibodies which are necessary for babies growth.

1.Breast milk is easily digestible as compared to cow milk or formula milk as protein in breast milk gets easily break down in babies body so this reduces the chances of upset stomach, constipation, allergies due to formula milk, chances of vomiting.

2. Breast milk contains antibodies that help baby to fight against any viral Or bacterial infection. Whenever we get sick, our body generates antibodies which are then passed on to babies through breast milk. This helps baby to prevent or fight when exposed to virus or bacteria. This generally not happens in case of formula milk and this is been proven by many studies.

3. Breastfeeding helps baby to gain healthy weight at the same time  it helps mother to lose weight. By healthy weight, I mean it helps to prevent children obesity. Obesity rates in breastfed babies are lower as compared to formula milk fed babies. This is mainly because of development of gut bacteria which affects fat storage. Checkout below link to know more about how gut bacteria works

4. From my personal experience I would like to add one more benefit that breastfed babies are Smarter than formula fed babies and it is also proved by studies.
The brain development, learning ability, physical development are different in both case.

5. For lactating woman, breastfeeding has many benefits including weight loss, uterus contraction which bothers us a lot. For first 3 months, there won’t be any significant loss in weight but as after 3 months you will see a lot changes in your body. With increased appetite, we almost lost the hope of getting back to normal shape but we have found a simple solution is to breastfed baby.

6. After delivering the baby, most of the women suffers from depression but lactating mothers have less chances of having such kind of depression than others. This is manily because lactating mothers tends to have maximum physical contact, eye contact,skin touch with their babies. They tend to share maximum time with each other by means of breastfeeding which turns into calm, relaxing nature for mothers which helps them to overcome depression in case if they face any.

7. Apart from depression,lactating mothers are less likely to have breast and ovarian cancer. They also have less chances of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease.

I would  like to add one more important point.
In Covid-19 pandemic, breast milk has proves to be a effective for new born baby.
A journey of healthy and smart little one starts with breast milk.



breastfeeding Parenting


In our society, we rarely say this word loudly or discuss this topic. Talking in terms of figures, percentage of breastfeeding babies is same as how frequently we discussed about it.

The main reason behind this is most of the women are not properly educated on how to feed baby, some of them are unable to feed due to harmonal issues, milk don’t get produced and most of them choose not to feed.

For women, who are not aware of how to feed baby can contact doctor for guides.

The main reason for low rate of breastfeeding is also because of work nature of working mother.

Not all working women gets maternity leave of 6 months. But frankly speaking, 6 months of maternity leave is not enough, especially when you will be staying out for more than 12-13 hours everyday for work.

I used to feed my baby after coming to home from work. In between these long hours, we used to feed him rice kanji, also called as pej or moong daal water which are really good for child and add high amount of nutritional values to  diet.

The very first breast milk that is the day on which baby is born, is very thick, yellowish in color and very rich in protien and other nutritional values which are necessary for baby to help  them adapt as per outside environment.

It’s really important to focus on babies intake especially in early stage. Most of the nutrient values gets cover by breast milk, hence we should feed them after every 2-3 hours.

Most of the times, babies get restless and cry a lot if they don’t get feed on time so keep all household chores aside and feed your child first.

Make you baby your priority. Because only we can fulfill their needs.

Kid gets adjust with the situation with time but why we should ask them to adjust to our lifestyle?
Not fair for new born baby.
They have a complete right on breast milk and they should get it on regular intervals for at least 18 months.

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Parenting-is it affecting couples bond?

Now it is been more than 4-5 days, we haven’t seen each other. Now we don’t get much time to spend with each other. Except for weekend, we don’t share food with each other. We mostly talk on phone but the call frequency has also reduced from 7-8 calls to 1-2, 5minutes each. Rarely we go out on date.
After #Avengers -End game, we haven’t seen any movie.

After reading this, someone will think that is there any problem in their relationship?


Now we are at the new phase of life with new beginning,new priorities, new daily schedule, new daily routine, new diet plan, new playlist(mainly nursery rhymes), new toys.

With this new start, everything seems to be different. Whatever I have mentioned earlier it’s really happening. Because of busy schedule, me and my husband are really not getting much time. This is a common problem which most of the couples face after having a kid. While trying to have a work-life balance, couples mostly forget to spend quality time with each other.

‘Before kid, after kid’ memes perfectly depicts our situation .

So, me and my husband came with the solution. Whatever time we are getting, we decided to make most of it.

Instead of going out on a date, we usually cook at home together(mostly my husband cooks, he is really a good chef) and try different dishes.Having food together watching Netflix is our favorite part. Sometimes we stay awake at night and finish our series like old times.
Whenever we get time, we go out on Beach with our kiddo. He just loves going out especially on bike(me too) . This makes our outing perfect.

In fact I feel like our bond is becoming stronger, we are understanding each other more. We have learnt to respect each other and our space and time. Care, love towards each other is also increasing.

Isn’t it easy to spend time our loved one in our own way?
How do you like to spend it with your loved one?

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Brain development

As we are already aware that, 90% of brain development happens in early stage of child. Along with it, there will be a development in other sectors like:
1.Physical Development

All these abilities develops at different rate. With the development in these abilities, child
Learn to move, speak and think.

So, it is very important to provide proper guidance to kids during this stage.

Healthy diet will help kids for proper physical development but when it comes to mental development, they will need us. As postive development will be responsible for healthier, successful life. This will also help in  balanced emotions, decision making.

Since birth, babies  communicate either by cooing or smiling or crying. They try to communicate their needs through their actions.

In case of toddlers, they communicate directly. These are the best  opportunity for us to communicate with kids by responding to them. We should pay attention to their needs and interest which will help us to communicate more effectively with them.

We need to interact with them by talking, singing or reading something in front of them. We often see that babies always try to lip sync.

We usually play nursery rhymes on #Amazon prime Music. Sometimes,we use #YouTube. Nursery rhymes by #Dave&Eva are my favorite. The animation used in videos is so attractive and informative that easily catches my kid’s attention. He enjoys it a lot.

Time to time interaction with kids helps them to gain more trust in you and they feel safe, stable and confident when we are around.

Proper response, interaction with kids when they need us more, plays important role in brain development. Positive environment helps kids for bright future.

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Nowadays we often see people talk about someone else’s #upbringing.

If the person is nice to them, they’ll say they are from good background, person’s parents have passed on good values, but if person is a bad mouth even if it is about telling truth, people will say, very bad human, no manners at all, parents have not taught anything, how to talk to elders and so on.

Why do we judge someone else’s parents based on their kids behavior? even if we don’t know them personally and even not seen them.

What exactly upbringing means to us?
As per #Google definition ” It is the treatment and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout #childhood”.

Very correctly said by Google but throughout its childhood, does child just grow with his/her parents?

I spend major part of a day with my kid but not a whole day. Rest of the time, you will find him with his grandparents, relatives, other kids.
Once he will start going school, he will spend most of his time in school with teachers, school friends, tution friends and so many other people.

Every people in his life will leave some impressions on him maybe good or bad. So apart from parents, all other people will also be teaching him something and which is a really good thing because only parents can not make their kid aware about entire world. It will be a contribution made by each and every people around him.

So in growing age, we need to make sure that our child is surrounded by good people. 90% of the brain development happens in early stage of childhood. During this stage, kids need motivation, support, proper communication which can be provided by his parents, care taker, relatives or teachers.



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