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Best Fun Activities for 6 month old baby

For last 6 months, lying beside your baby, you must have been waiting for doing more interactive physical activities with your baby. By this month, baby has grown physical and cognitive skills and is ready to explore new things by either licking or touching it.

Expensive things cannot buy happiness to your baby, its you, your presence does magic.

Get engage with baby

Below are activities to turn your and babies normal boring day into a fun day:

  • Make funny faces and talk in different voices: This is like a game changer. Always keep a habit of doing something different and new. You might find it foolish, making funny faces and talking in different voices with higher, lower pitch, cat’s meow to lion’s roar…. they enjoy it a lot.
  • Dance: Hold your little one in your arms, let baby rest her/his head on your shoulders and then move your body with music. turn around in between and you will notice baby holding you tightly. Always wait for your baby to react and act accordingly. Let baby communicate to you through his/her reactions.
  • Sing: This is my favorite part. It is easy, effortless and makes me happy too. It is the best way of engaging with your baby. You do not have to be a professional singer or must play guitar or violin with it. Pick up any nursery rhyme and sing with emotions, high-low pitch. It makes them happier. As days passed, you will notice baby responding to the words.
  • Read short stories: Reading short stories becomes more effective with colorful books having big sized pictures in it. You will notice your baby rolling your eyes over pages. Turn the pages, make some noise while turning pages.
Why should I read to my baby when she can't understand the story?
  • Splash water while bathing: For me, every baby is a water baby. They just love to play with water. Make them sit in bathtub and splash some water. It must be done under supervision. Sprinkle cold, warm water on their body and let them sense it.
Splish Splash: Baby Bath Time! | Mumcentre Malaysia
  • Peek-a boo – Sometimes simple game of peek-a-boo brings them a joy. You can either use baby blanket or light weighted cloth or you can hide behind something or simply keep your hands on your face and surprise your baby with peek-a-boo. Little one gets happy when he/she gets to see you.
  • Moving toys: By this time, your baby has already started crawling to catch objects. Adding moving toys to list catches more attention. At first, baby just observes it but later moves body rapidly to catch it.
  • Balloons/Balls: Babies just love to play with Balloons,balls. baby finds continuously moving, colorful, light weighted, can be easily grab objects more attractive. Tie balloon thread to their both hands and legs and let them play alone with it. As soon as baby starts moving, balloons also start moving and it encourages them to move their hands rapidly to catch balloons.
Baby laughs at balloons tied to hands and feet - Daily Mail - YouTube
  • Exercise: Make your little one part of our daily exercise or yoga routine. Involve yourself in easy positions where you can balance your baby while working out. Lie down your baby on your legs stretched with feet towards you. Now hold your baby’s hands and pull gently towards you and put them back. Repeat it for 2-3 times for a start and then you can increase it gradually. This activity helps baby to improve muscle movement and to hold the head. Do not force your baby into activity in which he is not comfortable.
  • Massage: Who doesn’t like massages? Choose appropriate oil as per you baby’s skin or as recommended by doctor to massage. Massage helps to sooth baby, relieves stress and relaxes muscles and stimulates growth. Babies feel so relaxing that most of the time they fall asleep.
Massaging your baby - BabyCentre UK

So, after massage, sponge with warm water, feed him and then they easily fall asleep for around 2-3 hours.

  • Click pictures: Click as many pics as you can. You never know you might capture best expression in camera. After some time, you even find baby smiling or posing for the camera.

Kindly share your fun activities below in comment section.

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Co-sleeping with baby

Co-sleeping means when parents share bed with their babies.
It is always recommend to have seperate arrangements for babies bed.
As per the studies,it is proven that Co-sleeping can be dangerous for babies.

Why Co-sleeping is not good for babies (0-12 months)?

Co-sleeping is linked with an Increased risk of sudden unexpected death(SUDI) including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleeping accidents in some cases. Most of the people are not aware of this. I am being aware of this, still chose co-sleeping with baby but for some reasons and I am sure many of them choose to have their baby in bed with them.

Reasons for Co-sleeping with baby

Most of the parents who prefer to co-sleeping with baby is mainly because they believe sharing bed/ space with baby makes them feel safer and secure.
Babies respond quickly to sudden noises even when they are sleeping and they get scared quickly and starts crying, feeling lonely. In this case, if we are sharing bed, it becomes easy to calm down quickly, as they feel safe knowing parents are around.

Other reason is the body contact. Even I also like it when my baby sleep in my arms, this is so satisfying and helps to improve child – mother bond.

For lactating mothers, it becomes easy to feed baby during night if they share same bed. Mothers can rest while feeding.

When to avoid Co-sleeping with baby?

When you are unwell or exhausted
When anyone of the parents is on drugs or consuming alcohol
When anyone from parents smokes frequently.
When your baby is not feeling well.
Sleeping with baby on couch

How to reduce risk of sudden unexpected death and fatal sleeping accident.

Make sure that for first 4-5 month, baby is sleeping on back.

Always keep bed mattress clean and tidy and it should be firm.

Make sure that your bedding do not cover babies face otherwise baby will suffocate. Keep adult blanket, pillows away from your baby. Use light weight blanket.

If you are sharing bed, make sure that baby can’t fall out of bed. If you rarely wake up during nights, consider sleeping on mattress on the floor.

Keep all accessories away from baby. Tie up your long hairs, also remove any other jewellery or anything that may lead to strangling risk.

Do not swaddle baby when you are co-sleeping.
Most of the parents like to place baby in the middle of them but this could lead to overheating so place your baby on one side of parents.

Even in case of winter/cold, do not overload babies with clothes/blanket to cover them from chilling weather. Dress your baby as you would dress.

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Nowadays we often see people talk about someone else’s #upbringing.

If the person is nice to them, they’ll say they are from good background, person’s parents have passed on good values, but if person is a bad mouth even if it is about telling truth, people will say, very bad human, no manners at all, parents have not taught anything, how to talk to elders and so on.

Why do we judge someone else’s parents based on their kids behavior? even if we don’t know them personally and even not seen them.

What exactly upbringing means to us?
As per #Google definition ” It is the treatment and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout #childhood”.

Very correctly said by Google but throughout its childhood, does child just grow with his/her parents?

I spend major part of a day with my kid but not a whole day. Rest of the time, you will find him with his grandparents, relatives, other kids.
Once he will start going school, he will spend most of his time in school with teachers, school friends, tution friends and so many other people.

Every people in his life will leave some impressions on him maybe good or bad. So apart from parents, all other people will also be teaching him something and which is a really good thing because only parents can not make their kid aware about entire world. It will be a contribution made by each and every people around him.

So in growing age, we need to make sure that our child is surrounded by good people. 90% of the brain development happens in early stage of childhood. During this stage, kids need motivation, support, proper communication which can be provided by his parents, care taker, relatives or teachers.

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Motherhood or Career

Motherhood or career?

From a long time, we have seen that an ambitious working women are trying to maintain work life balance. Especially when it comes to motherhood, it becomes very difficult for them to choose one over other.

They have worked so hard to reach there and then giving up career, and staying at home, doing another critical job of raising children, is not a solution for them. But being mother, she can not choose career over motherhood, especifically in case where her child needs her more. We should not bring another human being if we can not be there to raise him properly, to give him quality time which is his right.

However, this is a completely temporary situation and best solution is to ask for help. Either one can leave her job temporarily and look after her children or she can just take help from her family or friends.
For me, second option works like magic.

If you have any other options, share in comments.

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Happy Children’s Day

Whenever we think about children, small figure with cute smile, little little fingers, non stop talking comes into our mind which is obvious but if we look around, there are people who are old by age, tall by height, mature by talk but still children by heart.

Let’s talk about my parents, in laws or anyone who comes to visit us. When they start playing with Lashon(my kid), I see completely different person. All the maturity, manners, strictness everything just gets vanished and I see naughty young child inside them playing with my child.

Some who doesn’t like to talk much will start to talk in childish sound, they will sing nursery rhymes for him. Some who are not at all interested in sport, will throw/catch ball for him.
Some who are having back problems, will become horse  for him and ride him carefully on their back.

Some with joint pain will run behind him for whole day. Some who are not interested in cooking, tries to make nice dishes for him and put efforts to make sure that he will eat it happily.

This is what we always want in our life. Sometimes we thought that to have respectful life in society, we need to always live life full of disciplines, we must always talk with manners. We always have to show others how mature I am.

Why? Why should we always live for others? Why do we always think so much about others?

It’s our life and we should enjoy it to the fullest. We should always keep child inside us alive. Whatever age we are , we should take out some time for ourselves and do what we like the most.

Let the world see naughty, immature,  careless, cute, some times stubborn, child inside you.

Happy children’s day to all.


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❤Family Support❤

There are many people in our life who play really important role but we don’t realize it.

After maternity, I was so excited to come to the office, but was not ready to leave my child alone at home. I was too worried for my child.

Even I had thought of quitting my job so that I can be with him.
But on the other side,now it is becoming very difficult to get jobs. So, quitting job was not a solution for me.

My husband and in-laws noticed my stressed behavior and asked me the reason for the same. I told them that I am worried about this little one and also can not quit my job. After hearing this they started laughing and said who asked you to leave You this job? Is this child only yours? Is he only your responsibility? Why are we here?
I found all my answers through these few questions and got relief.

Sometimes, we just have to ask. We keep thinking that this is something I have started so  only I will work on it or out of ego or fear or what he/she will think about me, we don’t ask for help and end up with worst decisions. Nobody is going to judge us if we reach out them for little help.

There are many cases where people including kids are taking wrong decisions because of office/study/exams pressure or just because they can not get marry to their loved ones.

Making haste decisions is not a solution to handle real life problems. If you really have guts, face it. Talk with with your parents, friends, relatives. You will definitely find someone standing with you on this and yes, it is true. I have my family standing with me, supporting me,taking care of my child, so that I can focus on my work without any worries. I had never thought that I would get so supporting parents just like my biological one.

Respect for all parent, in-laws, who looking after their grand kids❤❤.

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Tough Task – Parenting🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Parenting is not easy as I thought. Everyday, every hour and sometimes every minute seems to be different.

You will be different parent every morning to a child who also be different, sometimes changing in hours or in minutes. With change, some days will be good, some will be bad.

On some days, you will get enough sleep, some will be sleepless nights. There will be good choices and not so good ones. Sometimes decisions you are making for your child may go wrong, but that is okay, this is your first time. You will learn from your mistakes.

There will be smiling days and then there will be days when your child might cry for hours and hours.

In some house function, you will look the most beautiful, stunning woman but there also be days where you might look tired, sick with messy hair in loose gown roaming in house, running behind your kid, playing with him, feeding him, talking with him, laughing with him, and crying, seeing him crying.

But don’t get scared. Be gentle with yourself because your child needs you more. This is just a temporary phase of your life which will be over soon without you even realizing it.

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True happiness

I have seen many people spending money on toys,cars, teddy, dolls and too many things.
They think that, they are giving all happiness in the world to their children, but have any one ever observed when their baby gets more happy?
It is not when he plays with toys, but it is when he plays with us. He loves to spend time with his parents, his relatives.
When my baby sees me after 13/14 hours (when I return to home from office), he just leaves everything behind and crawl towards me. He just laughs loudly, he makes all sorts of happy noises (I feel like he is telling me that Mom I am very happy that you are home) and hugs me tightly. Every single day, he does the same, when he sees me.His smiling rosy lips, blinking eyes and loud happy noises makes my day.
This little kid of mine, who doesn’t even know how to walk, talk, but he knows where to find happiness, how to shower love upon them. His true happiness is when his loved ones are around him.
So, I just wanna tell one thing, spend time as much as you can with our loved ones.

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Motherhood- a new phase of my life is teaching me lessons every now and then. At first it seems really difficult but this feeling is just awesome. It makes you feel more responsible but at the same time, life is giving you a chance to become younger/kid again and I am definitely sure that you are gonna love it.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me.

A start of new journey is a new phase of life which seems easier with a little faith and support of loved ones.