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Best Fun Activities for 6 month old baby

For last 6 months, lying beside your baby, you must have been waiting for doing more interactive physical activities with your baby. By this month, baby has grown physical and cognitive skills and is ready to explore new things by either licking or touching it.

Expensive things cannot buy happiness to your baby, its you, your presence does magic.

Get engage with baby

Below are activities to turn your and babies normal boring day into a fun day:

  • Make funny faces and talk in different voices: This is like a game changer. Always keep a habit of doing something different and new. You might find it foolish, making funny faces and talking in different voices with higher, lower pitch, cat’s meow to lion’s roar…. they enjoy it a lot.
  • Dance: Hold your little one in your arms, let baby rest her/his head on your shoulders and then move your body with music. turn around in between and you will notice baby holding you tightly. Always wait for your baby to react and act accordingly. Let baby communicate to you through his/her reactions.
  • Sing: This is my favorite part. It is easy, effortless and makes me happy too. It is the best way of engaging with your baby. You do not have to be a professional singer or must play guitar or violin with it. Pick up any nursery rhyme and sing with emotions, high-low pitch. It makes them happier. As days passed, you will notice baby responding to the words.
  • Read short stories: Reading short stories becomes more effective with colorful books having big sized pictures in it. You will notice your baby rolling your eyes over pages. Turn the pages, make some noise while turning pages.
Why should I read to my baby when she can't understand the story?
  • Splash water while bathing: For me, every baby is a water baby. They just love to play with water. Make them sit in bathtub and splash some water. It must be done under supervision. Sprinkle cold, warm water on their body and let them sense it.
Splish Splash: Baby Bath Time! | Mumcentre Malaysia
  • Peek-a boo – Sometimes simple game of peek-a-boo brings them a joy. You can either use baby blanket or light weighted cloth or you can hide behind something or simply keep your hands on your face and surprise your baby with peek-a-boo. Little one gets happy when he/she gets to see you.
  • Moving toys: By this time, your baby has already started crawling to catch objects. Adding moving toys to list catches more attention. At first, baby just observes it but later moves body rapidly to catch it.
  • Balloons/Balls: Babies just love to play with Balloons,balls. baby finds continuously moving, colorful, light weighted, can be easily grab objects more attractive. Tie balloon thread to their both hands and legs and let them play alone with it. As soon as baby starts moving, balloons also start moving and it encourages them to move their hands rapidly to catch balloons.
Baby laughs at balloons tied to hands and feet - Daily Mail - YouTube
  • Exercise: Make your little one part of our daily exercise or yoga routine. Involve yourself in easy positions where you can balance your baby while working out. Lie down your baby on your legs stretched with feet towards you. Now hold your baby’s hands and pull gently towards you and put them back. Repeat it for 2-3 times for a start and then you can increase it gradually. This activity helps baby to improve muscle movement and to hold the head. Do not force your baby into activity in which he is not comfortable.
  • Massage: Who doesn’t like massages? Choose appropriate oil as per you baby’s skin or as recommended by doctor to massage. Massage helps to sooth baby, relieves stress and relaxes muscles and stimulates growth. Babies feel so relaxing that most of the time they fall asleep.
Massaging your baby - BabyCentre UK

So, after massage, sponge with warm water, feed him and then they easily fall asleep for around 2-3 hours.

  • Click pictures: Click as many pics as you can. You never know you might capture best expression in camera. After some time, you even find baby smiling or posing for the camera.

Kindly share your fun activities below in comment section.

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True happiness

I have seen many people spending money on toys,cars, teddy, dolls and too many things.
They think that, they are giving all happiness in the world to their children, but have any one ever observed when their baby gets more happy?
It is not when he plays with toys, but it is when he plays with us. He loves to spend time with his parents, his relatives.
When my baby sees me after 13/14 hours (when I return to home from office), he just leaves everything behind and crawl towards me. He just laughs loudly, he makes all sorts of happy noises (I feel like he is telling me that Mom I am very happy that you are home) and hugs me tightly. Every single day, he does the same, when he sees me.His smiling rosy lips, blinking eyes and loud happy noises makes my day.
This little kid of mine, who doesn’t even know how to walk, talk, but he knows where to find happiness, how to shower love upon them. His true happiness is when his loved ones are around him.
So, I just wanna tell one thing, spend time as much as you can with our loved ones.